What is World Politics?

world_politicsWorld Politics is often used interchangeably with the term global politics, so much so that the globalization of the word politics has taken place. So what is exactly politics?

The word politics is derived from the Greek word ‘politikos’ which means of or for the citizens. Many people are under the assumption that politics is only related to the governance of a country or state. This definition of the word is correct but incomplete. In reality, politics is a much more broad term which encompasses the influencing of people, relations between communities, distribution of power and the allocation and usage of resources.

Observing the economic patterns of a state or studying the political strategies employed by various government agents and leaders is a field that is incredibly interesting as well as intriguing. This does not mean that one has to become an active political participant. One can learn so much from merely being a passive observer in the grand scheme of things-or in this case, the grand scheme of politics.

From planning and plotting to overthrowing the opponent, from gaining the support of the public to winning hearts, from strategising the road to a glorious victory to recovering from the crushing blow of a loss, every such thing and a whole lot more can be learned through politics.

The defining of world politics began in the early nineteenth century. Today, the widely accepted definition says that practices of world or global politics should be based on some basic principles such as upholding all human rights, recognizing and respecting beliefs of a society or community and lastly, promoting human development. If these basic principles are applied to all political practices worldwide, not only a successful but also a safe and secure community can be established.

What is meant by the term ‘Globalization’?

Introduced in the twentieth century to general approval, the word globalization means interconnectedness of various parts of the world. By forming international relations initially amongst neighbouring cities, then countries and then slowly and gradually reaching ahead and linking together whole continents, the whole world has been globalized. Similarly, political ideologies and decisions have been globalized.

What is the role of globalization in politics?

If a person were to study politics of individual states only, he will never be able to develop a good understanding of true global politics. This is because the demarcation of various states and countries has been done by the people but the world was originally just one big place. So, it is imperative that a thorough understanding of the relationships and connections of one region of the world to others be made. This is what globalization of the word politics refers to and this is why it is such an integral part of world politics

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