The Process of Buying House and Land Packages in Australia

A house and land package refers to a bundle of purchases of a block of land, and a house in single transactions, but, with integrated dual contracts, per unit purchased. House and land packages are normally available for purchase in substantial numbers in Australia. Property developers profit from buying large areas of land, then, selling parts of these lands to home buyers, in form of houses build on the lot spaces. Below is the step-by-step process you’ll go through in the midst of transacting with land and house owners to buy these real estate assets: 

  • Do a Research and Choose a Real Estate Developer 

Begin doing research on the area you’ll want to buy a property package in. Developers are designated to sell house and land packages in accordance to each individual area or neighborhood in the city or town where you want to live. Doing research is the key to maximizing making the best choice as to which part of the desired city or town to live in. 

  • Go Over the Contracts 

Before you buy the property package of your choice, it’s highly encouraged to have a professional expert to review the associated contract. Solicitors or conveyancers typically do the house and land packages contract reviews. Going over the contract with the help of one of these professionals can help you discover hidden costs or clauses. The hidden costs or clauses discovered likewise integrates the details regarding the approximate construction completion, building plans, and other related miscellaneous data. 

  • Plan and Implement Your Financing Means 

The means you’ll decide to finance your property package will vary as to whether or not you’ll select a standard or a turnkey package. Each of these home builders package have individual processes in financing a house and land in one combined property. 

  • Run an Overall Review of All of the Steps Above 

It always helps when you make sure that you’ve complied with all of the steps in purchasing a property package, prior to moving in to your new residential property. It’s better to avoid legal hurdles related to the purchase of a home building house and land package, even during the early stages of buying the real estate development. Missing complying with any one of the steps in purchasing the property package outlined above may cause some sort of legal trouble looming. 

  • Sign the Other Documents, and Officially Move In 

To legalize your ownership and entitlement to live in your new property package, sign the other necessary documents before officially moving in. 

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