Watch Out for these 2022 Wedding Photo and Video Trends

The COVID-19 Pandemic has negatively impacted many businesses in Australia including service providers in the wedding industry. Sydney-based wedding videography businesses have particularly taken a strong hit as weddings have significantly decreased in 2020 and 2021. According to Easy Weddings 2022 Australian Wedding Industry Report, from an estimated 120,000 weddings on average per year, it has dropped to around 78,000 in 2020 and 

85,000 in 2021. The same survey revealed that 72 percent of couples experienced “increased stress and anxiety around wedding planning”, while 48 percent had to postpone or delay their wedding ceremony.

Despite this however, the industry remains optimistic as weddings may double to 170,000 come 2022 and 2023. And wedding video production will play a big role as events become more intertwined with technology. Videos and photos will serve as a key investment in a post-pandemic wedding as attendees may want to attend virtually via live streaming or relive wedding moments through a short film or video. As such, Brides Magazine reveals some very interesting 2022 Wedding Photo and Video Trends. Here are some of them:

Unconventional shots

As crazy as the pandemic is, wedding photos and videos are starting to reflect the less formal side of couples. Those “grandpa and grandma” wedding photos in the attic may not be a source of inspiration this year as Sydney-based wedding videography and photography teams may suggest more candid and natural shots. It will not be about formalities and will center on unfiltered emotions and actions. Some may even do nighttime portraits which brings out some edge and personality on the photos or videos

Hiring fashion stylists

Getting a fashion or wedding stylist may seem too lavish but those who did swear on their graves that this is key to creating stunning wedding videos. Online searching will reveal that the cost can be as low as AU$400 to as high as AU$40,000. Regardless, more couples today opt to have a fashion stylist around to help photographers deliver better photos and to let couples feel like they’re celebrities too.

Going beyond weddings

While Sydney-based wedding videography and photography teams are usually tied to documenting the “big event”, couples nowadays actually hire them before and after the wedding. They capture moments during bachelor and bachelorette parties, pre-nuptial arrangements, and even during honeymoons and other post-wedding events. Weddings are now celebrated beyond the day itself and it would be useful to have a team to capture all the moments from start to end.

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