The Most Common Legal Battles in 2015

Being in a courtroom, whether you are being tried or you are in the side of the prosecution is not a very nice experience. Those who have no idea how it feels like to be there, however, should have a grasp of what’s going around. Who knows, you might need the assistance of Strata lawyers next. How can you tell? Check out our list of common legal battles fought that will probably remain on the forefront in 2015 and see if you are in danger of any.

Civil or Criminal?

Legal cases handled by the likes of Strata lawyers are mostly classified falling under one of the two main categories. Civil and criminal.

legalitiesCivil cases are those that violate non-criminal laws. They are those that involve private entities (individuals and companies) who sue each other in court to battle it out to win over the dispute. Strata lawyers commonly face family cases in civil courts. This includes divorce, child support, adoptions, and others. Other than family disputes over property, legal separation and child-related issues, some of the very common civil cases filed in 2015 that Strata lawyers handle include:

Small Claims Cases – These are legal battles between individuals and companies on matters that concern a minimum sum. Mostly, this is about debt recovery but since it is about only a sum of money, it is filed under the civil court instead of the criminal court.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes – Renting out a property is covered with established rules and guidelines, both on the side of the landlord and that of the tenant. Most of such disputes occur when a landlord wants the tenant for eviction.

Juvenile Cases – These are cases that involve children 18 years of age and below. Minors who commit a crime are tried in civil courts even if they have broken a criminal law.

Criminal cases, on the other hand, are those battles that are set out by the state against a person breaking a criminal law. They are not as simple as the ones family lawyers handle because heavy punishments are involved. The most common of such cases include:

Misdemeanour’s – These involve non-serious crimes such as shoplifting and are subject to minor fines and prison time.

Felonies – This is an umbrella covering the serious crimes such as murder, theft, robbery, and the like. If the defendant in such cases has been found guilty in the course of the trial, he/she may face maximum punishment like serving a long jail term.
Common legal battles always involve money, crimes and family affairs, whatever legal issue you may be in today, there are lawyers who can assist you all through, consult

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