Logistics Pricing Strategies to Consider for a More Effective Business

Logistics companies employ different pricing strategies to gain more profit out of their service. Having competitive pricing while still keeping the quality pledged to the clients is the key to win the competition in the industry. Here are some of the most used pricing strategies that freight forwarding service providers use.

Importance of Fair and Profitable Pricing

Freight delivery prices should be fair for both costs. Logistics is very expensive, and time is also considered as a resource. By taking everything into consideration, logistics should be paid reasonably.

Customers, on the other hand, should always get the absolute value of their money and nothing best to show it than having excellent service.

Those companies who succeed in the logistics industry looks for more than fair pricing, but also actively looking for an effective one that would benefit the company without tricking the customers.

Revenue management

Revenue management pricing uses a load of a delivery vehicle to determine the percentage that needs to be added to the base price indicated. International freight forwarders sometimes set a fixed price for full vehicle deliveries. Customers need to inform them if they want to go with the latter option.

This type of pricing favors those sellers that do a lot of shipping regularly, especially if it’s a long-term one. Finding clients like these is also very crucial for logistics companies to make more profit.

Yield management

Freight companies in Sydney do the yield management for deliveries that need to be done hastily. Most clients who avail of this type of pricing are those packages or transportation that is time sensitive, for instance, perishable items. Think of it as an express delivery option but on a larger scale.

Destination-based pricing

Often called geographical pricing, this strategy is the perfect approach for items that need to be delivered on a very long route. Because of how long the delivery will take, this strategy is often seen as overpriced, but considering everything that is on the line, it is only fair.

Freight forwarding service needs to consider everything like the fuel-costs and the possible damages to delivery equipment.

Destination-based pricing is mostly used by large e-commerce companies that ship anywhere around the world. Having this kind of option allows anyone to experience something that is very far away from them.

Strategies are needed in the formula for a logistics company’s success, and imposing these ones once learned should be the top priority. As a customer or client, you should actively look for a Freight forwarding service that has the best offering depending on your situation or circumstance.

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