How to Prepare for that Big Move

There is something joyful when a startup becomes successful and needs to move to a larger office or from out of the basement and into an actual office. A Sydney removalist will be more than happy to help move computers, shelves, cabinets and couches if you’ve decided to take some of the old stuff with you. There’s no discrimination when it comes to moving. Everyone has to go through it. However, it’s good to know that the tedious and time-consuming tasks can be handled by someone else.

removals2People used to cringe at the thought of transferring homes and offices. It not only meant calling a Sydney removalist again, but also means putting everything inside crates and carton and wrapping ceramics in bubble wrap. This work is fiddly, time consuming at best and is dreaded by others simply because of the amount of time and effort it takes to accomplish.

But, there’s good news to those who need to move. Moving companies or removalists Sydney are already offering services that go beyond the physical act of transporting your items. Some companies offer to move your entire office for you – everything including the flowers on the window without you lifting a finger. They will sort, box, and seal everything and then transport it for you – regardless of where it is going. Of course, this additional service would cost more than what the original move would have because they will also unpack and re-arrange things for you. This is convenient especially for companies that don’t have the manpower to do all these things for them. This way, your staff will only need to pack their personal belongings for the move.

Additionally, reputable companies such as Northern Beaches removalists also make sure that they give clients full insurance for their items. This is especially needed for computers, servers, and other expensive pieces of equipment. Insurance coverage includes breakage and lost items. So make sure to do a complete inventory of the items you have and declare their true value for insurance coverage. Some companies try to scrimp on insurance fees by under declaring the value of their office furniture, but this will not benefit you in any way.

If you have an antique Victorian office table, declare its full worth so that in case of a fire, or it gets lost during transport, you will be able to claim its value with the insurance company. Moving offices or residences don’t have to be a traumatic experience when you have the right Sydney removalist company.

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