For Corporate Travelers, the Best Accommodation in Sydney

Business trips instantaneously send mental pictures of planning and booking stress, accommodation woes, and stale coffee while, partners and colleagues hint suspicions that such trips are all fun. But really, corporate travels should not just mean cramped rooms and further work strain.

We say, pick the right room for your long-term accommodation and work will also mean exciting!

If you are a businessman or businesswoman looking for Sydney apartments that suits both business travel and pleasure then look no further.

In the name of business, Annandale Apartments is one of the best Sydney apartments.

Perfect for corporate travelers who mean long business trips, their furnished studios take pride in providing guests maximum comfort with its modern appliances, ensuite, kitchenette, and stylish furniture — making your accommodation in Sydney as simple as opening your suitcase.

And here, comfort does not come with a high tag.

From only $275 per week, you will enjoy quality accommodation. Annandale Apartments provide stable and excellent internet connection, 24/7 fully serviced and self-contained rooms, and secured available parking slots. For tourists and guests, a bonus: local guides, who will make it easier to discover local places. All these and superb housekeeping services. Because at the end of a long day, there is nothing better than fresh and crisp white linens and clean towels.

Surely, nothing’s left to worry about. A home away from home!

Feeling bored and home sick is most unlikely as Annandale Apartments is strategically located in the heart of  Sydney’s bustling city business district, which is known for its cafes, restaurants, urban pubs, and live music venues. The location boasts of vibrant, exciting vibe — just the perfect sweet get away after a day full of number crunching and presentations.

With Annandale’s central location, one will have easy access to key city points and will find commuting a breeze. There will never be a hassle due to traffic jams. No time is wasted and you’ll get the most out of your long-term accommodation. Get happily lost in surrounding local stores and picturesque landmarks and experience the Australian culture.

Here, it is an assurance: you will get a mix of business and pleasure. Always.

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For Corporate Travelers, the Best Accommodation in Sydney, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating