Are You Seeing or Having the Warning Signs of Mental Disorders? Where to Seek Help

Mental health and behavioral issues are important public matter however many still ignore it  or  are confused as where to get help when warning signs of anxiety  are obviously present. Although professional help for anxiety is available, patients are still hesitant to ask for help and treatment because of various reasons. If you are having the warning signs and don’t know where to ask help, here’s a list of doctors who can offer professional help.

Primary care physician

Your primary doctor can give physical examination for anxiety and other behavioral and mental disorders, and determine if the symptoms are being caused by another health conditions. Once other conditions have been assessed and ruled, your main physician will recommend you to a mental health specialist. A referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist who is offering help for anxiety is made by a primary doctor when the anxiety is severe or accompanied by other mental conditions. Primary doctors are also trained in treating behavioral disorders that are obviously caused by primary healthy conditions and that may not need psychiatry treatments or help. Primary doctors are also first line in assessing mindfulness before a referral for psychiatrist is made.


Psychologists are medical professional who treat anxiety and other behavior and mental disorders. They offer help for anxiety with counseling or talk therapy, which aims at getting into the roots of anxiety. Psychologists employ varied approach in diagnosing and treating mental disorders such as anxiety, bipolar and other mental and behavior conditions resulting from trauma or abuse. Other than offering help for bipolar disorder and anxiety, a psychologist also offers mental and behavior assessments for future employees and of the work force. Parenting is also part of its task in helping people live and enjoy a sound body and mind while in a healthy interaction within the family and community. Psychologists’ treatments are usually in conjunction with the treatment of the primary doctor as psychotherapy and medications are used altogether in treating mental disorders like anxiety.


Psychiatrists have specialized training in mental disorders like anxiety. Psychiatrists can act alone in diagnosing and treatment of mental disorders and can prescribe medications as well as conduct psychotherapy. It is also the work of psychiatrist to conduct behavioral and mental assessments in special cases such as in military or police or in situations, a deep mental assessment is needed.

When you’re seeing the warning signs of anxiety or other mental disorders in your family or loved ones or you’re having them, seek help from these medical professionals and get the right diagnosis and treatments.

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