Are Skin Treatments in Australia Using Infrared Radiation Safe?

In general, any side effect of cosmetic surgery, especially on treatments using infrared radiation or laser are minimal and transient.  It is also reported in several clinical studies that transient erythema reported by some patients who have undergone skin laser treatments only lasted a few hours after the treatment. In conclusion, laser skin treatments performed in many parts of Australia including skin treatments Top Ryde are safe and with almost no side effects.

Infrared radiation skin treatments benefits

Using infrared radiation at an ambient temperature, many skin treatment clinics in Australia are able to ensure patients that all laser skin treatments are safe and won’t cause any harmful thermal injuries. Patients who have received the treatments in popular skin treatments Top Ryde reported more elastic and tighter skin. This is because the infrared radiation is effective in increasing collagen and elastin in the skin dermis. Such condition makes it very popular in removing wrinkles and for skin suffering photo-damage from long exposure to damaging sun. Laser skin treatment is also an effective and safe skin treatment such as tattoo removal and other non-ablative remodeling of the skin. Laser radiation is also reported to have positive wound healing effects thus making it effective for acne removal and deep wound or scarring is avoided. Top skin and cosmetic surgeons in Australia are also using laser radiation as novel therapeutic application for patients with serious skin problems. Since  the infrared radiation used in skin treatments like laser hair removal does not cause any harmful injury to the epidermis, the infrared radiation is deemed effective in removing unwanted  body parts hairs and results are said to be more lasting if not totally permanent.

Limitations of infrared radiation

With infrared having dangerous and damaging effects on darker skin, people with darker skin are advised to avoid skin treatments using laser or with infrared radiation. There are reported cases of laser skin treatments causing too much trauma to the skin and inflammatory pigmentation on darker skin tone. Skin surgeons in skin treatments Top Ryde advise patients to go for safer options such as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, or microneedling, which is effective for treating acne, skin pigmentation and scarring. The treatments may require longer sessions but the effect are still with high rate of success.

Skin treatments using infrared offered in top Australian skin clinics are generally safe however it is still best to consult your Dermatologist if you’re a best candidate for the procedure only to be safe and nothing to regret at the end.

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