Out of Court Settlement Offers the Best Solutions

There is a less costly way of settling disputes regarding separation of married couples who are about to get divorced. This is called Collaborative Law or Family Law. Property Lawyers play a significant role in the settlement proceedings since these activities involve the assignment of properties to the divorcing parties. There are two types of properties. These are ‘real property’ and ‘personal property’. These are the two types of properties that both parties and their lawyers have to settle on who gets what in the end.

family_law2Real property are properties that cannot be moved. Places like houses, lands, condominiums and other edifices that have been shared by the divorcing couple, which will be assigned to any one of them. This is the main job of property lawyers. On the other hand, personal property includes properties that can be moved. These include cars and personal effects like jewelry, clothes, pets, and animals in their care. These must also be divided.

This normally takes a long process with a lot of meetings between both parties and the lawyers representing them. During these settlement proceedings, divorcing parties and their property lawyers are allowed to talk about what they want to achieve regarding the designation of the properties involved. The bottom line regarding these round table talks is that both parties would settle on amicable solutions regarding the division of  properties. There are some aspects of these meetings wherein professionals from different fields are brought in to help settle things. Accountants are usually called-in to help on the financial side of things. Child Psychologists are also invited to the talks to help the couple deal with their children.

The main goal of Collaborative Law is taken from its root word itself – collaborate. The people involved in the divorce proceedings must collaborate on solutions. Doolan Wagner lawyers offer the best services when it comes to these talks in which they make the parties go into a contract where both agree that no court room action will be facilitated by any of them.

The thing is Family Law or Collaborative Law cannot be applied to each and every divorce proceedings. Family Lawyers would rather have their clients go to court in a divorce case which involves domestic violence. However, for most cases, Collaborative Law offers a way to solve divorce cases in a mature and sensible manner. This manner of coming up with solutions has made it easier for lawyers help couples settle their property differences.

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Out of Court Settlement Offers the Best Solutions, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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