Winter’s Passed: How Did Your Garden Fare?

Winter’s Passed: How Did Your Garden Fare?

garden‘Tis the sunny season to be jolly. Before proceeding to the merriment, you had to endure the winter, the season when homeowners need to put their garden to bed, as the snow falls to cover everything in a chilly shade of white. Whilst Australia is known to have sunny Decembers, it pays to be ready next time July comes by, so that you can avoid committing the same mistakes last winter season.

When it comes to putting gardens to bed during the season, it generally comes down to two tasks: clearing up and covering up. Tim Davies Landscaping lists the following tasks you need to prepare the garden for the next winter:

• Uproot Drying Plants

The first order of business is pulling up insect or disease addled plants. Take them out and place them into a compost pile.

• Trim Perennials

Trim your perennials to about 10 to 15 centimetres. It is important, however, to do this only after the frost kills the topmost portion off. That is where the energy is stored.

• Cover with Compost

Winter is the best time to spread out compost over your garden. This will make it ready for springtime, as it enriches the soil with essential nutrients during this dormant period.

• Wait Before Putting Mulch

Avoid the temptation to put mulch too early. Doing so will give rodents and pests a place to stay in whilst dining on your plants. Wait until the cold has set in before you place this protective layer.

Snow: The Good and the Bad

Snow protects and endangers plants at the same time. Whilst a good amount of snow can give plants ample insulation. On the other hand, too much of it can pile on top of the branches and weigh them down, with the possibility of breakage. When clearing snow off towering plants, always clear off the bottom part before making your way upward. This way you reduce the burden on lower branches as snow falls from the topmost portions.

You need to remember that all activity in your garden may freeze during the winter, but there is still a lot going on under the soil. It is during this period that the soil enriches until the season comes to an end and the first blooms come along to announce springtime.

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Yes, Computer Software Do Help Pest Control Businesses

Yes, Computer Software Do Help Pest Control Businesses

pest controlTechnology has always been the best friend of businesses. The same concept applies to the pest control industry. The latest inventions are useful in stopping infestations, while newly formulated chemicals can help deal with pests while remaining eco-friendly.

But there is one more product of technology that currently makes the daily operation of pest control businesses easier: software. Here’s how computer programs reduce the stress of managing a business in this field:

Better Customer Service

With the winter pests finally coming out of their hideouts, companies receive more calls than ever. As a result, some business owners struggle to make a decent schedule for all the appointments. But with the right software, it becomes easier to create an easy-to-follow timeline on the succession of extermination projects. In effect, this helps the business establish a better reputation in terms of customer service.

In a sense, pest control software programs are helpful at keeping the pests away. Sure, the effect may be indirect, but it at least contributes to the overall efficiency of pest control businesses. Without these programs that make the schedule, a home may incur damages before the pros arrive.

Greater Administrative Efficiency

Running a pest control business is more than just exterminating common house pests. As with any company, this trade also requires some administrative skills. All those invoices and payments are important, after all. Fortunately, most pest control programs do have a function for that. With the administrative side of the business under control, the whole company becomes more efficient.

Wider Audience Reach

Some might say the impact seems far-fetched, but pest control programs are actually useful in improving the audience reach of a business. The reports featured on these apps are valuable in analyzing a firm’s business practice. With these reports, companies can improve their practices and audience reach.

Saying that computer programs don’t have much use in pest control is wrong. After all, without these programs, businesses will be a lot less efficient and homeowners will have bigger headaches.

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Smokers and Throat Cancer Research

Smokers and Throat Cancer Research

throat cancerIt boggles the mind why people still want to smoke cigarettes. Not only do these cause teeth to darken and fall off; these cause lung and throat cancer, as well. All the information regarding the dangers of smoking is public knowledge, and there are reminders everywhere to ensure that people do not forget them. Smokers provide the perfect comparison base for continued cancer research.

Researchers recently found that the location of throat cancer is different in smokers and non-smokers. This is important, as there are five known reasons for people to develop throat cancers, which are known as the five S.

The Five S

These causes are smoking, spirits, syphilis, spices, and septic teeth, all of which are well-documented and undergoing different studies of their own. Dental hygiene treatments in Bromley may help with oral health issues, but the other problems may prove to be more difficult to deal with today.

The importance of having a comparison subject is to find similarities and difference of a disease-affecting people from two different situations. These studies seek to answer the question “Why is it that people who don’t fall under any of the five S still get throat cancer?”One of the most significant findings the researchers determined was that the locations of the cancer cells were different for non-smokers.

Where the Cancer Lives

The throat cancer occurring in non-smokers appear in greater proportion on the side of the tongue of the patient. This means that the carcinogen is something the tongue is in constant contact with. The most likely suspect is chronic dental trauma, because it is the only that leads to such a condition in that specific area without external aid of smoking or alcohol.

Researchers are careful to specify that the study doesn’t provide any link between the two conditions, but merely base a hypothesis from the existing conditions. More in-depth studies need to establish how chronic dental trauma could even become a carcinogen, the conditions from one to the other, and how to prevent it.

A study like that could take months just gathering the number of volunteers necessary to provide a comprehensive sample size. Still, the research is a good start to find out more about throat cancer.

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Bringing Clients Back: 3 Strategies that Actually Work

Bringing Clients Back: 3 Strategies that Actually Work

brand awarenessArguably one of the biggest misconceptions in marketing is that the role of marketers and brand ambassadors is to drive awareness and build reputation. In reality, however, the first thing on top of the to-do list of these professionals is to create customers. The awareness is just a small part of the consumer’s journey.

In Australia, online retail sales have reached record highs as consumers spend $2.4 billion buying groceries online. This just highlights that more than branding, finding and keeping customers come first.

Success is not defined by the number of customers you get; the true secret is in retaining them. But how exactly do you that? Here are a few tips that actually work:

1. Reduce Attrition

All businesses lose customers, but very few really measure how many of their customers become inactive. Your business likely spent a lot of resources building an initial relationship with clients, so don’t let it go to waste.
Remember that the easiest way to grow your business is to not lose consumers. After the initial connection has been established, make sure to nurture and strengthen that connection. Plug the leak and you can double your growth rate.

2. Herd the Lost Sheep

There’s very little point in spending a lot of resources to get new customers when about more than half of your inactive customers are there. They’re just waiting for you to approach them the right prices and the best offer.

This is the driving principle behind email lists, newsletters, and other strategies for online marketing. Canberra retail stores, for example, can get back their lost customers through invites to special sales or announcements of upcoming special deals. This is also an effective way of building loyalty.

3. Extraordinary Customer Service

What better way to keep existing customers and gaining new ones than by having loyal customers brag about you to their friends. Give them a level of customer service no one can match. This is the never-ending pursuit of pleasing customers that they tell others how well your business treated them.

Great service rewards you through repeat and new customers, while poor service drives consumers to your competitors.

Customers are the life and blood of any business. By prioritising their happiness and satisfaction, you’re not only making sure your business meets its goal, but also that you’re prepping it to grow and be a success.

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When Hormones Act Up, Acne Pops Up, Too

When Hormones Act Up, Acne Pops Up, Too

Acne is most common among teenagers, bAcneut some women continue to get pimples even in their adult years. If you are struggling with acne as an adult, your hormones are to blame. Experts say that if there is an increased production of androgens in the woman’s bloodstream, the hormones can overstimulate the skin’s sebaceous glands, which leads to an increased production of oil. When this happens, you know it: zit breakout.

Fortunately, though, by eating healthy, organic food, taking supplement nutrition, applying high-quality natural skin care products, and exercising daily, you’ll be able to get rid of those zits.

 Signs of Hormonal Acne

There are a few hints that will tell you if acne is caused by hormonal imbalance. One of them is the timing of the breakouts. Experts say that hormonal acne often shows up at specific times because of the cyclical nature of hormones. If you experience zit breakouts the week before your period, it may be a sign that you have adult acne.

Notice the location of the acne as well. If the breakout is under the cheekbones or along the jawline instead of the forehead or the bridge of the nose, then it is a clear sign of hormonal acne.

The size, appearance, shape, and sensation of the acne can also indicate hormonal imbalance. Experts say that hormonal acne is usually deep. It also causes a little pain when you touch it or when you wash your face. The pimple tends to leave a scar, especially when you try to ease the pain by popping the pimple.

 Solutions for Hormonal Acne

There are many effective solutions for adult acne. You can go natural with tea tree oil as it has antiseptic properties that will help reduce bacteria and soothe the swelling of the skin. Some experts also recommend cutting down on salt. Iodine worsens pimple breakouts. You may also try topical anti-bacterial and retinoid. If you decide to go with this solution, make sure to consult your doctor first.

Although adult acne is a major facial issue, think of it as the body’s way of communicating that it needs support and attention. Don’t ignore hormonal imbalance. With the proper care, your skin and hormones will clear up and look great in no time.

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The Need-to-Know Ways that Could Brighten Your Home Office

The Need-to-Know Ways that Could Brighten Your Home Office

home office shutterNo one wants to work in a poorly lit room full of clutter and negative vibes. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, seeing your cluttered home office early in the morning is enough to ruin your day. But, having a relaxing and stress-free space is something many of us find difficult to accomplish. If you want to make your place look homey and welcoming while you work, you need to come up with solutions.

Read on to know the perfect ways to liven up your home office.

Choose an Upholstered Chair

Home experts say that your chosen furniture can be the perfect ingredient in setting the comfort in your home office. Revamp your old office chair by adding some patterns and lively colours. An upholsterer can change the look and feel of your furniture to fit your daily needs. For instance, they can swap those wooden legs for soft-wheel casters to let you move smoothly across any surface.

Replace Your Window Covering

To let in more light or help you stay awake while working, turn your window into your new focal point. Whether you used to have curtains or valances, it’s time to consider installing internal shutters. A shutters expert from say there are affordable shutters that can suit your décor and budget.

“Shutters provide a stylish and sophisticated look to your home and can be made to fit almost any window or opening. In most cases they can be matched to existing colours and decor. Aluminium shutters now provide the opportunity for you to also take the stunning look outdoors,” the company explains. Though it’s a major purchase, it can be a great addition to your home office.

Add Some Flowers

It’s difficult to finish your work in a timely and efficient manner if your space is ugly. To make your home more comfortable, add something that can rejuvenate your soul. A few stems of fresh and colourful flowers are a natural air filter, which can surely brighten up your day.

Whether you use your home office to set a budget or create a business plan, you can make it a relaxation zone. Just because you are working there does not mean the place shouldn’t let you have peace of mind.

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3 Waterborne Threats to Your Family’s Health

3 Waterborne Threats to Your Family’s Health

It is true that drinking water is not sterile, and it does not have to be. It should be free from disease-causing microorganisms. You can hardly tell whether the water you drink does not contain pathogens because these are invisible to the naked eye. You cannot figure that out unless you let an expert examine some samples from your faucet. So, how confident are you that your family is safe from water borne diseases?

water coolersFortunately, you do not really have to bring samples to the testing lab to make sure the water in your home is safe to drink. Advanced technology provides a way to eliminate impurities and pathogens from drinking water. Using the latest water filters and water coolers from and other online suppliers, you can get rid of the following contaminants and pathogens:

Coliform Bacteria

Coliform bacteria are microorganisms that are present in the environment in large numbers. The group includes many types of bacteria found in soil, surface water and even in human and animal wastes. While most types of coliform bacteria are harmless, some groups can pose serious risks to your family’s health. E. coli (Escherichia coli) is a notable example. Usually found in the intestines of animals and humans, some strains are naturally harmless, but their presence in drinking water indicates a higher possibility that harmful germs are present, as well.


The microorganisms behind the Giargiasis disease, giardia are flagellated protozoa that are also common in the animal and human intestines. Usually ingested from contaminated water, these pathogens adhere to the intestinal wall and cause symptoms such as diarrhea, weight loss, nausea, and abdominal cramps.


This protozoa parasite is responsible for the spread of Cryptosporidiosis, a disease that killed many people in the US in 1993. They are transmitted via drinking water that contains traces of faecal matter. Common symptoms include fever, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea.

Your family’s health depends on what you eat and drink. Make sure the water in your container is free from contaminants and disease-causing germs. Water filters and purifiers are good additions to your home, as these help eliminate impurities and pathogens.

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What Store Traffic Really Indicates

What Store Traffic Really Indicates

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. This is an often-repeated phrase that oozes both wisdom and practicality. It essentially tells people not to expect too much of a good thing that when there’s still time for something bad to happen. Then again, the phrase delivers the message so well it doesn’t take as many words. The only thing wrong with the phrase is that it’s not entirely accurate.

Not getting ahead of yourselves is a solid rule at the farm, but that’s not how it works in the world of business. Finances can shift tremendously based on nothing more than rumors. Likewise, investors can decide to pull out or go all-in a company depending on the circumstances. Form is just as important as substance, and people need to understand both to become successful.

This theory can be best explained through the role of counting traffic in stores and businesses. The importance of visitor count lies on its capability to indicate the success of a business. But, there are people who disagree, arguing that just because people go into a particular establishment doesn’t mean they buy anything.

While the detractor’s argument is sound, it displays a lack of understanding in a fundamental concept of advertising. Looking busy and successful is just as important as being busy and successful. People will only buy things if they’re interested in those things; they’ll only get interested in those things if other people become interested.

Take an everyday example: you’re hungry, but can’t decide on what to eat. All of a sudden, you see someone walking towards you while eating a burger. Odds are good that you’ll have a sudden and unexplainable craving for burgers.

The best way to sell something is to show them other people using the stuff; the best way to get them to buy is to show them other people looking like they’re buying. Every advertising and marketing expert knows this is true, they just do it in ways that the people being manipulated have no idea what’s going on.

In short, the more people who look like they’re using a certain product will increase the chances of other people actually using it.

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Untying the Knot: Four Pointers on Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

Untying the Knot: Four Pointers on Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

divorce servicesAccording to the US Census Bureau, in 2011 there was one divorce every 36 seconds. This translates to 876,000 divorces in a year. Statistics prove that the rate of divorce increases by subsequent marriages.

Divorce is difficult on everyone involved, but there are ways to simplify it. Some of these steps will walk you through this challenging process, including pointers on the hiring of a divorce attorney.

1. Call your friends

In the process of bereavement and grief, it is necessary to find support from friends and relatives. They can offer solace, and may even give you fresh perspective that can save the marriage. If nothing else, this will also help you find a divorce attorney, especially if members in your family or your friends have divorced before.

2. Know what you want

Divorce lawyers should understand your unique situation and must be one whose expertise is relevant to your needs, or what kind of settlement you’re aiming for. Somelaw firms, such as divorce lawyers in Long Island, NY even offer mediation. This resolves the terms of your separation without hiring an attorney.

3. Research and interview at least 3 lawyers

You can use several methods to find the lawyer. The most convenient is by word of mouth, though others prefer thumbing through the Yellow Pages or at an online directory.

Do not settle for the first lawyer you find. Interview at least three, and look for one with specialization in your requirements. Other important considerations include hourly rates and experience. Some attorneys also have free consultation, which you can use to gain legal advice as much as you can.

4. Take the next step: choose

Once you have potential attorneys shortlisted, you are ready to choose. A divorce lawyer should have your best interests at heart, and communicate well. Your choice should put your needs, and those of your children, if applicable, before anything else. Remember, your attorney represents you and your interests, so it is important that you’re on the same page in settling the proceedings.

Not all marriages end happily ever after. In cases like this, a choice of good lawyer will make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Routine Changes: Five Morning Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

Routine Changes: Five Morning Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

lose weightWeight loss doesn’t always have to be complicated or stressful. It is not advisable to go on a diet or follow a strict eating philosophy just to achieve your ideal weight. In fact, a few changes in your everyday habits can make a significant impact for the long term.

Start your weight loss goal early in the morning through these habits:

Take Cold Shower

Studies suggest that taking a cold shower boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Cold temperatures cause you to lose fat in the body that keeps you warm. It is best to start the first minutes of the shower at a comfortable temperature, and then make the water cooler progressively.

Get a Dose of Sunlight

Morning light absorbed by your eyes set a master clock in your brain that regulates temperature, hormone production, and blood pressure. It is a powerful biological signal that may prevent and manage obesity. According to research, people who are exposed to bright light earlier on had a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than those whose initial light exposures happen later in the day.

Eat Your Breakfast

Most people who go on diets skip breakfast, believing that it will help with weight maintenance. Putting your body on starvation mode in the morning will make it want to hold every calorie you will consume during the day. Health experts from Daintree Organics and the Dieticians Association of Australia suggest preparing a healthy breakfast rich in protein for extra energy.

Wake Up Early

Wake up 30 to 40 minutes earlier than usual to exercise. Early morning workouts jumpstart your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours.

Replace Green Tea with Coffee

People who drink green tea regularly tend to have less body fat and smaller waistlines. Green tea also contains antioxidants, which boosts your metabolism and the rate in which your body breaks down fat.

These are just a few small changes to help achieve your ideal weight. The secret to weight loss success is in developing a healthier lifestyle.

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